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Many great minds have tried to define love and have faced the same difficulty… they have fallen short of words to explain what a wonderful feeling it is to be in love with someone. But what is even better is that the person you love loves you back. And when that happens, it feels as if god has truly blessed your fate. The lovers turn into soul mates and all they wish is to spend their life with each other, happily ever after…
And so it does…
At least in the beginning! The lovers try to put aside their differences and compromise to just be with each other until the best they can but one day things go a little too far and the lovers decide to part ways. Some call it as rose tinted glasses of love have come off or the person has changed but in reality that may not even be the case. May be the two people were not compatible to be life partners due to the awkward position of stars in their horoscope. In many cases that we have come across, the couple still loved each other but the fights and disagreements being a little too much to live with hence, they decide to part ways.
Astrology is a science that studies the positioning of planets in our horoscope at the time of birth and its impact on our nature… our psyche. It has been proved that a planetary position at the time of an individual’s birth impacts their growth, their upbringing, married life, health, career, education, etc. It is no miracle but a mere study that shows the individuals thinking or nature and so one can calculate their reaction or attitude to various situations. Astrology and psychology doesn’t end here. The impact of moon in an inferior position in our horoscope makes some of us dull as a result certain people are more prone to get into depression than others and will be prone to suicides etc. People with strong Mars in their charts would be more aggressive and hence will be dominating to their partners, etc.
We at have found a unique way to help such couples. We study your horoscope and find out your weakness and your partner’s weakness and then offer you a solution as to how can you change your attitude such that your partner would fall in love with you all over again and you can rejuvenate the love back into your relationship.

Relationship Problem Solution
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