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Sihr-Black Magic Symptoms & Treatment.


Generally speaking, there are two types of magic, which a real magic and imaginary magic. The real magic is such that a physical effect is produced while imaginary magic mtakes the victims imagine that they have done something which they have not actually done, or seeing something differently from what the thing is in reality, as a result of their minds or eyes being bewitched.
Magic is most often done for a particular purpose and it affects the emotions of a person in a specific way. Sihr is a form of black magic that is real. It is devious and difficult to notice, that is why it is said to have ssubtle, concealed and confusing causes behind apparent and discernible effects.
As regards Sihr definitions, one can say that Sihr is spells, conjuration, invocation and speech that is spoken, portions and mist, smoke. It has real effects that influence the bodies and hearts of the victims such that they fall ill or killed, and ultimately separates a husband and his wife. Majorly, magic is usually sent through a jinn. The jinn along with Sihr enters the body and the victim starts to have reactions, which some are from the jinn and the rest is from the Sihr.
For instance, to separate a man and his wife, Sihr black magic could be cast on them. The man may start to feel extremely furious and angry with a high degree of hatred towards his wife every time they come close each other without any reason. When he looks at her, she might look wierd, ugly and resentful to him.


Sihr, being a type of kufr, is a serious crime according to the Qur’aan. Casting of Sihr is done to create illusions in order to confuse and deceive people, with the sole aim of causing them harm or dispossess them of their money, in such a hidden way that people do not realize what is happening. This type of magic derives its name and form from two words- sahar and sahr.
Sahar is the last and darkest part of the night while Sahr refers to the lungs, which are kept inside the body. From the foregoing, Sihr is the magic practised to delude and confuse people as. a result of illusions created that something is real when it is not in actual fact.
Sahr could involve other things that magicians do through shayaateen in order to affect a man’s reasoning, make him fall ill, become incapacitated, cause separation between a husband and wife, create resentment and hatred between a man and his wife etc.


1. Marriage Hindering Sihr: There are two perspectives to this type of Sihr. The first option when the jinn enters the lady is that she would feel highly uneasy with any prospective husband that comes her way; consequently, she turns him down. The second option is that the jinn, if could not enter her, would unleash the Sihr of imagination that would work against her from outside. The prospective husband would view the lady as unattractive and ugly, which is the effect of the whispering of the jinn; while the man would be distasteful to her. The effect is this Sihr is that the suitor who already had consented to the marriage would later turn his back on the agreement after some time without any justifiable reason.

1. Irregular and persistent haedache in spite of medication
2. The citim sees the prospective husband as ugly
3. Anxious while asleep
4. Lower back pain
5. Loss of concentration
6. Tightening of the chest between 4:00 pm and 12 midnight
2. Separation Sihr: This is the commonest type of Sihr black magic that intends to separate or cause disaccord or disharmony and hatred between two spouses, friends or partners.


1. There is an unexpected and abrupt change in attitude, especially from love to hatred.
2. The victim starts to exaggerate the causes of dispute, even if they are trivial.
3. Altering the mental image that a spouse has of the partner, so that the partner appears ugly, ill-mannered etc.
4. The victim hates whatever his/her partner does.
5. The victim hates the place where the partner stays ; as in, a husband may be feeling sad when at home with his wife but feels very happy whenever he is outdoors.
3. Al-Hawatif Sihr: This type of Sihr relates to the victim having nightmares and hearing strange voices.
1.The victim would be having bad dreams in his sleep.
2. He sees as if somebody was calling him in a dream.
3. The victim hears voices talking to him when he is wide-awake.
4. The victim starts to suspect his relatives and friends.
5. He hears unceasing whispering.
6. The victim dreams that he or she falls from a high place.
7. The victims dreams of animals chasing him or her.
4. Al-Khumul Sihr: This occurs when a jinn is sent to the victim. The role that the jinn plays is to settle in his brain and make him secluded and introverted.
1. The victim loves solitariness.
2. There is a complete state of introversion.
3. Laziness and lassitude set in.
4. Occurenice of incessant headaches
5. The victim detests all social activities.
6. Acute abstractedness occurs in the life of the victim.
5. At-Takhyil Sihr: This type of Sihr creates a false appearance of objects. Its effect is that the people’serves are charmed so that what they see is different from what is obtained in the reality.
1. An immobile object appears moving while a moving object appears as fixed or immobile for the viewers. 
2. A big object appears small while a small object appears big or large. 
3. There is generally a false appearance of objects for viewers.
6. An-Nazif Sihr: It is the women who suffer from this type of Sihr. The victim bleeds excessively after menstruation. When An-Nazif Sihr is cast on a woman, a jinn enters into her body and moves in her circulatory system with the blood to make her bleed after her menstruation.
7. Al-Junoon Sihr: The effect of this is that the victim becomes insane, of unsound mind and unable to coordinate his thoughts and memory.
1. The victim becomes extremely absentminded and forgetful.
2. Incoherent utterances
3. Swollen eyes and deflective focus
4. Restiveness
5. Failure to follow routine
6. Lack of interest in appearance
7. Wandering and exhibiting all traits of a lunatic
8. Al-Marad Sihr Symptoms
1. There is continual pain in a part of the body.
2. Paralysis of a part of the victim’s body 
3. Complete paralysis of the body
4. Epilepsy
5. Becoming disabled I any sense organ
9. Sexual Relationship Sihr: This type of Sihr invokes penile erectile dysfunction during sex, overall sexual weakness and impotence.
1. The man suffering from this type of Sihr usually would feel active, strong and aroused to have sexual intercourse with his wife. He has full erection when he is distant from his wife but the penis contracts and cannot have intercourse with her when he intends to sleep with her.
2. The victim will not be able to have intercourse with his wife until after a long period, because his penis loses erection after a short time.
3. When a woman is under this type of Sihr, she automatically refuses to have sexual intercourse with her husband by joining her legs together just to obstruct the husband’s penis from penetrating into her vagina; this is the manipulation of the jinn.
4. A woman may even not have any sexual feeling any longer because the jinn works on the portion of her brain that brings about sexual stimulation. 
5. The woman would experience heavy bleeding at that time of sexual intercourse with her husband. 


Sihr Black Magic treatment can take many forms. The spouse or the relative of the victim would search for Sihr removal with all their strength as they would leave no stone unturned. Below are different Sihr treatments available.
1. Removing and Burning The Charmed Item
If the saahir, who is the maagician ,was investigated carefully and what he used to invoke the Sihr is found, removing and burning such item will nullify the black magic on the victim. The enchanted item could be the hair, comb etc of the victim. Therefore, Sihr removal or Sihr treatment could take the form of removing the item from where it was kept and burning them off.
2. Making The Saahir Reverse What He Did
If the magician that invoked Sihr is found during investigation, he could be coerced or coaxed to reverse the Sihr he performed on the victim. Reversing the process of the Sihr will be an effective Sihr removal or Sihr treatment.
3. Recitation of The Qur’aan
Some Soorats and aayahs in the Quar’aan can be recited over the victim or into a container; after which the victim drinks the content in the container over which the soorats and aayahs were recited. Some of these Soorats are:
1. Soorat Al-Kursiy
2. Soorat Yoonus
3. Soorat Kaafiroon
4. Soorat Al-Araaf
5. Soorat Ta-Ha etc.
4. Seven Green Lotus Leaves
Another Sihr removal is to take seven green lotus leaves and grind them. The above Soorats should be reccited over it. Then the victim should be made to drink some of the content and use the remaining to bathe. This is a potent Sihr treatment also.
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Sihr-Black Magic Symptoms
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