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Love is a fairy tale that everyone wants to have in their lives. We all want to live happily ever after with our soul mates till the end of our lives but not everyone gets it. It is heartbreaking for those who find love but cannot marry their lovers or are fortunate enough to marry the one they love but due to problems between them their marriage falls apart. 

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. However before the marriage is fixed between the couple, it has been an age old practice to match the horoscopes. The horoscope contains information regarding the stars and planetary positions of the person which gives a deep insight into the person’s nature and behavior. It is an ancient science of how the revolving of planets in space affects the lives of individuals here on earth. When these horoscopes are matched, it is done with the view that the 2 people wanting to marry shall have a happy union. 

Indian astrology or ‘Jyotish’ is a Sanskrit word that translates as ‘light of the gods’. ‘Jyot’ meaning light and ‘ish’ meaning god. It is also called Vedic astrology meaning it is derived from the knowledge of the Vedas that were written since time unmemorable. It is still practiced today based on the theories written by various Indian sages. 

Though the matching of the horoscopes is taken into consideration, it is an accepted fact that no two horoscopes will have a perfect match. There will be planetary combinations that will benefit their relationship and there will be planetary combinations that will cause love problems. And when there are clashes in marriage or relationship, if not remedied in time, can cause grief to all those involved – be it the couple, their children, their families or friends. The malefic effects of certain planets cause permanent separation. To explain briefly-

There are certain planetary combinations that cause break ups or divorces. In order to understand them one needs to understand that the ascendant position of the nakshatra in an individual’s birth chart determines the general character and temperament of the native – whether a native is of a happy positive temperament, or a passionate one or a depressed soul. The planet in the 5th house indicates the kind of love affairs the native will get into. Similarly the planet in the 7th house determines how the native’s marriage would fair out. The position of Jupiter signifies how authoritative the individual would be and the position of Venus signifies how loving or romantic the native of the horoscope is. The Moon indicates the mental tendencies of the person and the position of the Mars in the horoscope indicates the violence, anger, discord, sexual tendencies of the natives.

That being said, the following combinations tend to cause breakups and divorces.

When the planets of the 5th and 7th house conjunct with Saturn and Mars in the 11th house, the native shall have a love marriage but if the same is eclipsed by Rahu or Ketu, the love marriage/ relationship may break up. When the planet in the 5th house and the 7th house conjoin with Saturn and Mars in 6th or 8th or the 12th house then the relationship or love marriage is doomed to fall apart. When Mars or Rahu or Ketu or Saturn in the Lagan or Navmaansh chart or in both the charts afflict the 8th house it indicates constant discords or separation in marriage. When Mars and Venus are combined in the 6th, 8th and 12th house and are afflicted by an eclipse of Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, it results into divorce. When the 7th house and 2nd house and Venus are afflicted by Saturn, Rahu, Ketu then love affairs fail to materialize in marriage. 

Thankfully, the Maharshis that studied the effect of the planetary positions also studied the remedies. Some of these general remedies are mentioned in books like Laal Kitab and the internet however, performing these remedies without understanding the crux of the problem is like self-medicating yourself which isn’t a bright thing to do when your relationship is at stake. 

The most important thing to remember is that ‘Love Problems’ are common. There isn’t a single human couple who don’t face issues. Couples fight all the time but even after fighting if they are happy together, they shall continue to stay together. This is the only difference between a successful marriage or relationship and an unsuccessful one. In unsuccessful marriages people break up and part ways after a fight and no one wants to lose the ones they love. We all want our lives to be filled with happiness and love and constantly strive for solution. However there are stages of our relationship when we are at the end of our wits. We all feel that the destiny of our relationship now lands within the hands of a power above us. We all hope for a miracle. 

Indian Astrology is filled with such remedies and miracles.

It is a matter of a person’s faith and determination before they realize that things would work around in their favor if only they can understand the movement of the planets and how it affects his or her stars. What is love if not for a game of timing. On a good day, the biggest love problems get solved with a smile and kiss and on a bad day, we tend to blow the tiniest things out of proportion. The anger and heat on both sides only spills hatred and the strongest relationships break. Circumstances go against you, you make mistakes without even realizing or your partner simply grows apart. After years of being with someone, the pain of a break-up can turn someone’s life outside down. To make matters so, the solutions to love problems are not easy either. Sure, psychologists and marriage counselors try to help but they can only deal with the situation on the basis of what the couple tells them. On a psychological level, they can try and explain where each of them is going wrong and suggest ways to help the two co-habituate with each other but there is no way of bring the lost love back.

Indian astrology on the other hand can not only predict these problems, it offers you remedy beforehand so you may avoid the calamity in your love life altogether. A Best Astrologer can read finely through the position of the planets and can warn you about the situation simultaneously offering love problem solutions so you can always be happy in your relationship. But finding a genuine astrologer among the quacks online is like searching for a needle in hay. Everyone claims to provide love solutions within 24 hours. The moment you see any such claims do not be lured. The problem in your love life wasn’t created in a day and cannot be remedied in a day either. The planets have their own movements and will take their destined time to move out of their positions. Things will improve and if you keep at your relationship, you will not only sail through this time smoothly, you shall also be able to learn valuable lessons that will make your relationship more meaningful. 

Kenn Ali, is one such astrologer that I have come across. He specializes into love, marriage and relationships because he himself is a die-hard romantic at heart. He loves uniting couples and is a secret super hero who considers it his mission of saving as many marriages as he can. He has even united couples who have previously gotten divorced that he seems like a miracle worker more than an astrologer. He is not just an astrologer, he is a Love Astrologer.

After studying innumerable horoscopes, matching them for marriage and understanding what went wrong, Kenn has developed a keen understanding of the problems that couples face and according to him it all boils down to ego and bad timing. While ego is something that a person can learn to control, the timing is something that is decided by the stars. This is where he can help. Since he specializes in love astrology, he conducts a thorough study of the horoscopes of the lovers, their temperament, and the good and bad phases of their lives, their individual strengths and weaknesses. Since each person is different, each marriage, each relationship is different and Kenn ensures that each couple is treated as a unique case. Often it is the case that the person who is seeking for help is the cause of the problem and the study of the horoscope helps in making the person understand how long will the crisis last, so he/she can be patient and sail through the phase with their partner whether it is death of a loved one, infidelity or financial crisis.

The solution to everything is astrology comes through a bit of self-discipline and patience and everybody copes up with their problems but it is easier if they understand what they are standing up against. Otherwise they just lose their will power and give up.  Most couples live in denial about the toxicity of their relationship until it is too late. Most often, this toxicity is just a phase but these phases if not understood lead to failure of marriage or relationship.  We all want our partners to stand thick and thin with us throughout our lives. We want them to be better halves and love astrology helps you understand just that. Whether the partner you have chosen or you are in love with is going to be with you until death. If you will be the same person you were when you first fell in love or would life turn you cruel and bitter.

Kenn Ali with his specialization in love astrology cannot only help you foresee the problems of in your relationship his remedies ensure that your partner remains loyal, faithful and devoted to you always. The Fifth house is the house of love and romance. If exalted sign of the lord of 5th house falls on Rahu-Ketu axis, there is a fair chance of inter-caste marriage. Also, Rahu, Saturn and Venus aspects 7th house the native shall surely have a love marriage. Saturn and Ketu in the seventh house also result in love marriage. Venus plays a key role in one’s marital life. It is the lord of the second and seventh house of the natural zodiac. Its association with Saturn, Mars or Rahu brings inter-caste marriage but the following factors must be taken into consideration –

1 Relationship of the planets in the Fifth and seventh house

2 Moon, Mars, Venus or Rahu’s relation with 5th house and if there is a weak planet in the 9th house.

3 If 7th house is strong and Saturn, Mars and Rahu is present in 9th house, there is a chance of love marriage.

4 Venus is associated with Saturn, Mars or Rahu, and also which is the 7th planet present in 5th house.

5. If 7th lord is associated with Mars, Rahu or Venus.

6. If 7th and 12th house and their lords are afflicted by malefic planets, there are possibilities of an inter-caste love marriage.

7. If the Moon present in the 5th house is weak.

In these days, remarriage follows after the death of first husband/wife or after an unhappy marriage. People do not follow strict traditional values in remarriage and mostly these may be termed as unconventional marriage. For people to have a successful second marriage, the following things must be taken into consideration – 

1. 7th lord in 11th house in dual sign.

2. Sixth lord in 12th house.

3. In female- Sun and Rahu influence on 7th house/7th lord from lagna/Moon.

4. In female- retrograde Saturn as 11th lord in seventh house.

Anything related to foreign, is credited to Rahu, be it learning a foreign language, visiting a foreign land, or working in a foreign owned multinational company. Combinations and placement of Rahu are considered most influencing factors. If placement of Rahu in the nakshatra of Rahu in 6th or 12th house, it is possible. If Rahu is associated with the 7th lord in 12th house, chances of marriage with foreign nationals is possible. Some other factors are- if 7th lord is in any constellation of Rahu if 12th lord is in the nakshatra of Rahu. Also, Dasha and Antar Dasha of Rahu or of in 7th lord’s dasha and Antar Dasha with Rahu in the association may dictate love marriage.

Lastly, even in unconventional marriages, fights and disagreements are not rare. The increased divorce rates also indicate that love marriages do not guarantee marital happiness. However, there is long list of successful, non-conventional marriages. The best part of the unconventional marriage is that bride knows groom and vice versa to ascertain the mutual happiness of marital life. In new age cultural setup, we may find much more unconventional marriages in the time to come. However inspite of your whether you have had a love marriage or an arranged one if your differences are irresolvable and its breaking apart your marriage you can get in touch with Kenn. If you feel that you have tried as many as astrological remedies possible and yet the trouble in your marital life persists, Kenn Ali can help you resolve them through Vashikaran. 


is made up of two words – “Vashi” meaning to attract or entice and “Karan” meaning to do. Vashikaran is the art of attracting the one you like towards you. If basic astrological remedies are unable to re-ignite the flame of your relationship,  Kenn Ali can help you re-kindle the romance with your better half with his Love Vashikaran spells. These spells are white magic which shall allure you partner towards you and will help you resolve your misunderstandings and differences amicably.No matter what your love problem is,Kenn Ali has the solution.

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