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” It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us- JK Rowling, Author of Harry Potter”

What if a man from the 16th century came to visit us? he would think a car is magic, electric bulb is magic, aeroplane is magic. Magic is a term used to define things we do not understand but each and every one of us is capable of creating a car, bulb or plane- it is human beings who did it! Energy is invisible but results are visible, you do not see electricity but you see the fan, the ac, the cellphone etc. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be converted from one form to another. A waterfall can help us harness hydroelectricity, wind can help us get turbines and dynamos running, sun rays can help us power battery cells which then can help run cars! It takes mastery to understand energy and I have studied the form of energy called as human aura or psyche or soul. Our bodies are a vehicle, the soul – spirit is the energy. Each spirit has negative and positive elements and when they go out of balance, problems occur. This is where my knowledge comes handy, it is pretty scientific actually but sadly the soul cannot be quantified till date so theoretical proof is little.

We all have magic inside us from the day we are born, I am a human being just like you or anyone else. The only difference is, I was fortunate enough to retain the magic in me and from the age of 7 years I have found myself drawn to helping those that need to be reminded that they are capable of doing everything that they want- get the money they need, the career they aspire, the relationship they are looking for – anything. I am not God, I am not an angel, I am someone who can see and sense things beyond average human perception and it gives me great joy to use my strengths to help people.

My parents and ancestors were Sufi mystics or Darvishes as they are popularly known and since a young age I have seen my family heal people. The biggest freedom in the world is the freedom from the need of power and material things and Dervishes are known for that- my sufi roots believe in helping mankind and the blessings of people is the biggest wealth to achieve. Today after helping people heal and achieve their dreams in the last 30 years, I can humbly thank the Lord for a life where I do not need to use my powers for money. I have helped over 12000 people till date achieve what they long to achieve, I do all healings for free. For specific problems where people need negative energies removed and get their lives back on track, I do charge because I spend my energy in getting their derailed lives back in order and it is human nature to cherish what they pay for. I do not want people to use my services as a shortcut to doing whatever they please with their lives, I try my level best to get their lives back to normal so that they value their lives and themselves and take care and make sure to keep their lives that way. I am happy when I do not get a repeat customer because my job is done if I have permanently made their lives come back on track.


What do I do?

I practice several forms of Mysticism, from the dark arts, occult science, heathen rituals, divinations, faerie and djinn consultations, psychic healings, distance healing etc.
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Is it safe?

I keep getting this question from most people who speak to me for the first time. Let me explain it this way- Is a knife safe? Yes if it is used to cut vegetables etc it is a safe thing, it is merely a utensil then but if you use a knife to stab someone then it is not safe. The rituals I know which I have mastered over decades are my weapons, I use different weapons depending on the case. When I speak to a person, I try to get a clear understanding of their intention- intention is very important- I do not help anybody who has evil intentions, I just guide them to rise above pettiness and move on with their lives.


Is it permanent?

Here I would like to talk about the difference between a remedy and a solution. Most of the babas, pandits, spell casters online market themselves as people who can provide solutions instantly and with 100 per cent guarantee etc. I, first of all do not have a label attached to myself. I am a mystic. I am human and I cannot give any guarantee of time or effect. People who do such things offer you a remedy, a remedy is like a blanket when someone is feeling cold, putting a blanket on a cold person will make the person warm but without the blanket, the person still remains cold. A solution is like a medicine that takes care of the root cause of the cold. What I give is a solution, I do not want people to be dependant on rituals and spend money in order to achieve what they can with their own magical capabilities, I strengthen people to become positive, to become independent so that they can take charge of their lives and destinies, I use my powers to convert negative energy into positive energy. Where there is pain I bring peace, where there is hatred I bring love where there is weakness I bring strength and I help people help themselves so yes my solutions are absolutely permanent so one has to be very sure about what they want because it will be done.


How do I know that a spell is working?

I have many clients who call me 3-4 times a day asking me for assurance etc. I can understand that after being duped by babajis and tantriks it can be difficult to trust me so I patiently listen to them and assure them to the best of my capacities but I must say that enquiring time and again only weakens the energy. I cannot make anyone develop faith in me, which is why I do not give guarantee or warranty but I can put down a few guidelines here for people to follow, in most cases if you follow these guidelines you will yourself start feeling the energy and potency of the spell:

1) Stay positive and do not get carried away by negative emotions like fear, faithlessness, obsession, jealousy etc

2) Respect the spell, do not doubt it

3) Follow my instructions in order for the spell to work, if you call someone I have forbidden you to call it will weaken the energy of the spell

4) Look for reasons to be happy and be happy, the happier you manage to be- the faster the results come!


Some signs that the spell is working:


1) You will feel lighter, happier and calm

2) You will start to notice other things in life besides your problem

3) You will start taking care of yourself

4) Your problems will lose control over you

5) You will feel like you are in control of your life

6) You will not get carried away by temporary feelings of hate and negativity- when these feelings come you will be able to patiently wait till they go away on their own instead of acting upon them and doing something negative or foolish

7) Slowly the happy phases will increase and negative phases will decrease

8) Your desire will manifest


What do you expect in return out of your customers?

Nothing, I charge a nominal fee because it is an exchange of energy. Barring that I expect my happy customers to share their experience through testimonials and videos which I blur out upon request in order to help more and more people. This is something that my customers can do if they feel like – it is not a compulsion. I can very well make a video of myself and speak high and low about my powers and capabilities but that will have very little effect on people and I can easily be mistaken as one of the quacks and money looters online, when my customers share their experience- it helps others also to develop a little faith and divinity and mysticism is all about faith.

Can you suggest a few tips to watch out for and avoid getting scammed by fake people on the internet?


Honestly I have never dealt with people like that but from what my clients tell me, here are a few tell tale signs:


1) They will offer to do things in an unbelievable short span of time

2) They will ask for a small token amount first

3) They will give 1000 per cent guarantee

4) They will stop taking calls after payment

5) They will take calls but say that there is another problem and then another problem etc and take more money

6) Instead of removing your negative state of mind, they will capitalise on it and feed your suspicion and lie to you that there are people doing dark arts on you or your husband is cheating or about to cheat etc and then get you in a vulnerable spot to make you spend more money

7) There will never be a one time payment and you will have to keep paying to remove one obstacle or another

8) They will lie to you about how much hard work they are doing for you and tell you that you are like their daughter/sister/son etc

9) Sometimes you may even see your problem getting solved but it is only temporary, they will never permanently solve your problem because they will lose a source of income

10) They will fill your mind with ideas of revenge and ego etc in order to make you weak and powerless. Negative emotions corrode the soul and a weak soul is always a victim.


How to get in touch with you?

Simply call me on +91 9916785193 or watsApp me, I do this as a hobby and it is not my full time profession so I might not be a very chatty person and I do not believe in sweet talk and small talk.




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About Me-Mystic Healer
5 (99.72%) 2039 votes

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About Me-Mystic Healer
5 (99.72%) 2039 votes