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What is Evil Eye
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What is Evil Eye

Many people believe that life is unfair to them or think that they have a difficult or bad fate. This group of people experiences misfortune, sickness, harm, and difficulties. Unknown to them, they are likely under the influence and effects of hexes, curses, and black magic. The power and effects of hexes, curses, and black magic are so strong that they are noticeable with the negative results in the lives of the victims.

What are Hexes?

Hexes are spells intentionally used for a negative purpose. They are performed like other types of the black magic spell but they have a defined and, often, a temporary negative purpose the spell must fulfill. Hexes cause moderate suffering to the victim.

Hexes are cast on someone who has harmed another person with the intention of causing bad luck, misfortune, serious difficulty, or tragedy.


What are Curses?

Curses are spoken or written wishes expressing that harm befalls a person. Curses are pronounced out of anger, hatred, or evil thoughts.


What is Evil Eye Black Magic?

Eviil-eyeThe evil eye describes the process of suffering affliction from Raja-Tama vibrations from another person. Evil eye black magic is the easiest black magic that can be performed by anyone since it requires no ritual or spells. One could be afflicted by evil eye intentionally or unintentionally.

Raja-Tama vibrations are generated from envy, hatred, jealousy, and crave for publicity. As a result, the effects of the vibrations can have a debilitating effect. In other words, being affected or possessed by negative energies such as demons, ghosts, and devils is also a type of affliction by the evil eye.

Any human being or animal can be afflicted by the evil eye; even, inanimate objects can be afflicted with evil eye black magic.

Through thoughts and envious glare, one can cause harm to another person in the form of sickness, injury, death, and other problems.

What is Black Magic?

Black magic involves the negative use of energies and power to cause sickness, misfortune, harm, or death. It is used to hurt or harm another person by performing certain rituals to appease, influence, and control the spirits.

The increase in greed, jealousy, selfishness, frustration, negativity, and inability to accept other people’s growth and happiness has made the use of black magic the most common way to get an evil satisfaction from the calamity of others.

Many people are suffering in the world unaware that their calamities are caused by their siblings, closest friends, acquaintances, and co-workers who through the help of black magicians afflict them with black magic. Daily, countless happy families are being ruined by black magic.

So, knowing the black magic symptoms and remedies will help to identify if one is under the power of black magic spells and know the solutions.

How Black Magic is Used?

1. Basically, black magicians use the evil spirits to obtain information from anyone. The information is then used to unleash harm to the person.

2. Black magicians can control the spirits to inflict mental torture and physical harm on people. Usually, people who are driven by vengeance, anger, jealousy, and hate, hire black magicians to cast a black magic spell on their siblings, relatives, friends, or colleagues. 

3. People also hire black magicians to subdue and defeat their competitors. Politicians, lawyers, businessmen, and other professionals employ the services of black magicians to win or overcome their competitors. 

How Black Magic Is Done?

1. Black magic spells can be done in several ways but the most popular way is making the victim drink or eat beverage or food that has been previously bound with black magic. 

2. The photograph of the victim can be used to invoke a black magic spell.

3. Black magicians can also use any possession of the victim to invoke a black magic spell or curse. Such possessions include jewelry, clothing, hair comb, toothbrush, etc.

4. Black magicians can make a liquid spell that can be spilled over an item to create a black magic curse.

Black Magic Symptoms 

While black magic can be used for positive or good things, many people abuse the power of black magic by using it for evil purposes by invoking the power of evil spirits or the devil to torment another person. The origin of the black magic is the spirit world. The process of casting the black magic spell is tedious and takes black magicians to follow intricate processes after which they can invoke the spirits from the underworld. They perform related rituals, human or animal sacrifices, to bind their spells with the power from the underworld; so, they can command the spirits as they desire.

Most black magic spells are used for specific purposes and the list of black magic symptoms cannot be exhausted because the effects are felt differently from one person to another based on the overall health, life situations, spiritual inclinations, and mental state.

If you are experiencing any or a few of the following symptoms, chances are high that you are under the influence of black magic and you need to contact a spiritual healer for a cure as soon as possible:

1. a sudden extreme weight gain or loss

2. several headaches

3. loss of sight or  blindness

4. eyes turning gray

5. failure to sleep, insomnia or oversleeping

6. unexplainable depression

7. odious breath

8. seizures

9. unnecessary tears

10. unreasonable anger, irritability, and emotional imbalance

11. inexplicable infertility

12. one or several episodes of miscarriage

13. inability to menstruate in women or menstruating excessively

14. sudden and mysterious impotence

15. malodorous body odor

16. nightmares

17. acting angry and not recalling

18. selective amnesia

19. changes in appearance 

20. changes in voice

21. getting violent

22. indulging in excess drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy sex

23. paranoia

24. withdrawal from people’s company

25. nails turn black

26. soliloquizing 

27. eyes turn red

28. loss of appetite 

29. unnatural movement of body parts such as stretching fingers nonstop or biting the nails every time

30.  refusal to bathe

Other Black Magic Symptoms

Black magic spells can be directed to specific areas of a person’s life. Below are the symptoms to know if you are being affected by black magic spells:

1. endless occurrences of bad luck

2. inexplicable fear of leaving home

3. broken relationships or marriage

4. series of failure at anything done in life

5. failure to maintain a happy relationship

6. frequent financial losses

7. feeling bored with life

8. giving up properties or business for no reason

9. getting involved in frequent accidents

10. becoming sad for no reason

11. having psychological problems

12. withdrawal from people

13. becoming stagnant in life and career

Supernatural Symptoms of Black Magic

The victims of black magic spells can experience supernatural symptoms like:

1. hearing strange voices

2. hearing footsteps coming after them when walking

3. hearing someone call their names

4. feeling someone sleeps next to them in bed

5. feeling raped or sexually abused in dreams or awake

6. seeing strange movements in the house

7. seeing shadows around them

8. experiencing bizarre activities

Black Magic Remedies     

Knowing the black magic symptoms and remedies is the way to freedom from the entanglements caused by black magic spells. If you think you have been hexed or cursed by black magic, take a step further to find out if it is true – examine yourself with the symptoms listed above.

While you can protect yourself from being affected by black magic, there are also remedies if you observed that you have been hexed. Keeping pets like dogs and cats help to protect from black magic because the pets will be affected first before you; so, you can protect yourself. 

Below are the effective black magic remedies available:

1. Wear OM Pendant

Om pendant is regarded as a sacred symbol and considered the primal sound of the universe. It connects to higher states of awareness and possesses cleansing powers from black magic spells and curses. To hasten the recovery from black magic effects, chant the OM mantra along with wearing it. You would feel the healing effect faster.

2. Use an Amulet

Wear an amulet on your neck or keep it in your pocket. An amulet protects from bad energies, curses, and hexes. If you have been hexed or placed under black magic spells, an amulet will weaken the effects of hexes, curses, and black magic, such that they will no longer ham you.

3. Bathe in Salt and Magic Herbs

You can cleanse yourself of bad energy and black magic by taking a ritual bath. Light a candle and fill your bathtub with warm water. Add one or more of a pinch of salt, basil, hyssop, mugwort, vetiver, patchouli, and wormwood – they have high cleansing power. Think only positive thoughts as you have a long relaxing soak in the solution.

4. Use Positive Energy

Black magic gets more powerful through negative energy; so, using positive energy will help reduce its power and effects. The most effective positive energy is laughter. Laughter can be used against any type of hexes, curses, and even black magic. It does not require any spell or ritual but it offers you a well of positive energy. 

When you feel that black magic has been invoked on you, think of something very funny and laugh. Let your mind and soul feel the fun and laugh your heart out. When you come across the person you suspect to have cast a spell on you, be friendly and smile. If possible, crack a joke and make the person laugh together with you. Your positive energy will weaken the power of the black magic.

5. Burn Uncrossing Incense

Mugwort, vetiver, and wormwood are magic herbs that are effective for warding off bad spirits and cleansing from black magic spells or curses. Bundle these herbs together with a piece of string, but it may not be all of them, burn them to create an uncrossing effect – to break the curse or hex.  When the bundle burns away, the curse will be broken.

You can carry some of these herbs around in your pocket or sack to ward off bad spirits and break curses.

6. Consult a Mystic Healer For The Removal Of Black Magic 


If you are sure that a serious black magic spell has been cast on you, it is best and most appropriate to find a black magic expert. The black magician can identify the type of spell cast on you and the most effective method to rid you of the black magic. He can also offer series of rituals that will remove the black magic cast on you. Consult a black magic expert that understands how black magic works, the effects, and how to remove the curse so that everything starts to work well for you again.


Hiring A Mystic Healer  For The Removal Of Black Magic

Contacting Expert  KENN ALI – for the removal of any kind of magic through Mystic Healing Is the only sure way to overcome the power and effects of evil eye black magic, black magic removal, and love curse removal. There are several do-it-yourself remedies on the internet that are claimed to be effective; however, a total exorcism and cleansing from black magic depend on deep knowledge, understanding, and power, which an ordinary person may not have but a black magician. Besides, trying to break free from black magic without the right spiritual power can cause further injuries and negative effects.

How can a person in bondage free himself? He sure needs another person who is not bound to get him out of the predicament. A black magic expert can perform necessary rituals, burn needful incense, cast powerful spells, and potent mantras to cleanse the person suffering from black magic.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of black magic, hexes, curses, evil eye black magic, and love curse, contact me immediately to:

1.    Be cleansed from black magic                  removal of evil eye

2.    Save time 

3.    Start living a normal life again

4.    Be free from all forms of negative energies

5.    Avoid trial and error that can aggravate the present situation

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What is Evil Eye
5 (99.53%) 296 votes